We help startups transform their vision into reality

Working in partnership, we will help you grow and deliver your business concept, providing the technical expertise and support you need to succeed and grow.

Test, Learn, Adapt, Repeat

The key a product succeeding is to understand the needs of your customer and quickly learn and adapt to meet those needs.

Our approach is to work closely with you to understand both your concept and your customer and then supporting you in delivering a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) that you can test and learn from. We will then work with you to iterate and improve your product, helping you to grow your business and understand the needs of your customer.

Our Services

Strategic Advice
Throughout your journey we will be there to provide you with strategic advice and guidance, helping you to make the right decisions for your business.
Solutions Architecture
To succeed its important that your product has a solid architecture that will scale with your business. With over 30 years experience in designing and building both business and technology solutions we can help you design and build a solution that will scale with your business.
Rapid build and development
Delivering you a working platform quickly is our bread and butter. We will work with you to understand your needs and then build you a working platform that you can test and learn from.
Supporting your growth
Once you are up and running we will continue to support you as you grow, helping you to scale your platform and your business.

What's in the incubator?

Explore the businesses we are currently supporting grow.

Fryda is a digital wallet that allows you to store your receipts and all other important paperwork & purchase information in a single place.

Stormatica is a all-in-one platform for growing and managing online DTC businesses. It provides inventory and warehouse management, customer and order management and integrates with all major e-commerce providers.

The world has changed with hybrid working becoming commonplace. Hybred is a platform that allows you to manage your hybrid workforce and ensure that your employees are happy and productive.

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